Grants & Eligibility

The Lutheran Foundation for Long Term Living may award grants to:

Nonprofit Organization (NPO) is one that qualifies for tax-exempt status by the IRS because its mission and purpose are to further a social cause and provide a public benefit.

Not-For-Profit Organization (NFPO) is one that does not earn profit for its owners. All money earned through pursuing business activities through donations goes right back into running the organization.

For-Profit Organization (FPO) is one that operates with the goal of generating income for the benefit  of shareholders, investors, members, and/or partners. Most businesses are for-profits that serve their customers by selling a product or service. The business owner earns an income from the profit and may also pay shareholders and investors from the profits.

Program Related Investments (PRIs) is an investment made by a foundation from its charitable pol of assets into a for-profit organization whose purpose furthers one or more of the purposes of the foundation.

General Grantmaking Information

Grants are not normally considered for: scholarship funds, fundraising events, deficit reduction, operational shortfalls, any ongoing operational expense, endowment campaigns, exclusive sectarian religious activities, or reimbursements for expenses already incurred*, any program, organization, activity, or part thereof, that is not in substantial compliance with any current State, Commonwealth, or Federal Laws, acts, regulations, or Ordinances.

All applications must be uploaded via PDF in the manner indicated on the specific application on or before any published deadline, if applicable. While early submission is encouraged for grants in an effort to shorten the evaluation process once all grants are received with a deadline early submission does not give any type of priority to any grant request. Your organization may be required to meet The Foundation staff, or members of its board, via teleconference or where most economically feasible for The Foundation. Grant decisions made by The Lutheran Foundation for Long Term Livings are final.

Grant Opportunities

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